Common Computer Issues

Computers are everywhere! And almost everything we do we have a computer, a laptop or a Cellphone with us. But with this great resource comes a few problems we can encounter from Computer slowness or having your computer infected with malware.


1. Malware. This is also known as  Malicious software that includes Viruses, adware, sypyware, trojan horses, worms, rootkits  or any other software that can can infect your computer with out you knowing or approval.

2. Computer Slowness. There are several reasons why your computer can become slow. from the hard drive needing some clean up to having your computer being infected by malware. or one of the most is the operating system not having its regular maintenance from updates to disk cleanup.

3. Network or Internet Connection. This can result from your Local Internet Provider or your wireless router just getting disconnected and needing a reboot.

4. Hard Drive Failure. This is more common that what people think. a hard drive is made of a spinning disk and anything in motion can cause it to get scratched when hit or moved. But with the introduction of solid state drives this is becoming more of a non issue.

5 Dead Power Supply. Getting the right amount of power to your personal Computer components is essential to getting it to work correctly but with the introduction UPS  we can avoid any power failures that can result in your computer getting unwanted power surges.