Most Common Cell Phone Repair Issues

We use our Cell phones everyday, and this give our precious smartphone a very high chance of getting it break down. Here is a list of the most common issues we see with cellphones today.

1. Cracked Screen. Almost everyone has a friend or someone they know with a broken screen from it getting dropped to it being thrown by someone.If you are looking for a iPhone Repair Houston you can visit them at Houston TX. Sometimes a cracked screen is not a big of a deal until you can no longer view those beautiful pictures you have taken and eventually go to a repair center and have it fixed.

2. Cell phone Water damage. This goes right next to broken screens. this usually happens when unforeseen weather arrives or it being left in your pants an having it go in the washer. It is usually not a good idea to have this fixed your self due to the complications of the parts when you power the phone and not knowing if the components are still moist or wet.

 Broken Buttons on your Cell phone. With the regular use of your Phone the buttons just start to wear and tear this can either be by pressing it to hard or it just giving up. this usually a quick fix by replacing the connecting parts of the button but its always best to have it check by a local repair center.

4. Broken Speaker. The speaker of your phone is just like any other speaker you have for your tv or home theater setup. when it goes bad it just sounds like a tin can. most of the time its not good to have this repaired by some DYI videos you see but actually have professionals take a look at it. or you can just have your phone sounding like its coming from a Tin can.

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