Top iPad Related Issues

Ipads Also Comes with a list of common issues you might encounter, here is a list of what you might see.

1. iPad Digitizer. This could result in some dead spots on your ipad. Finding this can be done by downloading any drawing software and looking for any dead spots.

2. Dark Display on your iPad. Sometimes. this is just a simple fix by making sure your iPad is fully charged and check your power settings. Other times, you will have to re seat the LDC in the ipad, this can be easily done by local technicians in your area.

3. iPad Discoloration in the LCD.  if a hard reboot does not fix the issues it usually is a problem with the LCD not connecting properly. having this done your self with our the correct equipment can result in more damage than what it originally had.

3. Power, Home, Mute buttons. Common issues is just getting the button jammed in by a forceful press or just some dirt getting stuck, a simple clean up will do with a sharp object or even better have it repair by authorized professionals

4. Weak wireless Signal. The strength of the wireless signal on your iPad can just be a compatibility with your wireless router at home. Or can be a bigger issues. with the iPad, its always best to have this check once verified its not a problem with your own compatibility with your home wireless

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